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The calls over the Internet (VOIP) software that was not the first, some would say was not the best either, but that turned out to be the most popular. Thanks to the "Network Effect" which means that this type of software's value rises with the number of users, it was difficult for the competitors to catch up.
Skype's acquisition by Microsoft did it only good by connecting it to Microsoft's software and services and by adding MSN Messenger's users upon its closing. You will probably be able to find services that allow you to do everything that Skype does just as good and sometimes for free (for advanced features such as multi user video chat, Skype charges money). However, once you try to convince all your friends to use the new found competitor's service while their Skype account is active, you will find out that it is easier to simply open the software and communicate with the world. Skype's applications for Android, Windows Mobile and iPhone will ensure that you will be available from the mobile device you use as well. But when there's a WiFi connection available it is recommended that you manage your contact list and calls through the PC software which performs better than the version for Smartphones.


New - click here for the most comprehensive Skype "How to" guide

Software Review

Simply said, Skype is a worldwide phenomenon. The user-friendly design, pricing structure and host of features all combine to give anyone with a computer the ability to connect with the world.


In the technological world, Skype is known as THE voice-over-IP (VoIP) service, which really means you can make phone calls over the internet.


The most comprehensive Skype "How to" guide - 18 full chapters:

We have gathered for you all of the top features, questions and answers into this full "How to" Skype manual. Each one of the 18 sub manuals covers a specific aspect of Skype, and with a detailed step by step explanation and supporting screenshots, allow you to easily achieve your goals. If you want to do something with Skype and you don’t know how, you will surely find your answer in one of the following "How to" guides:


Installing Skype - The complete Skype installation guide


Creating a Skype Account - Skype Login process as well as Password Recovery instructions


Managing Skype Contacts - How to import contacts into Skype and how to add/create new contacts


Skype Common Problems - Learn how to fix Audio and Video Issues


Account and Profile Settings - Customize your Skype account once and for all


Make Skype Calls Directly From Your Inbox - Save time and effort, keep using you Outlook yet don't give up on Skype...


Recommended Add-ons for Skype - Find here the complete list of the top most popular Add-ons for Skype


Skype for Businesses - Top selected features for Businesses and Executives


Skype for Portable Gaming Consoles - How to synchronize your Skype contacts with your portable gaming console


What's Skype Credit and What Can You Do With It - With Skype credit you can save money, learn how


Skype for Savvies - Are you a Skype master? This manual is for the experts...


Video Chat Accessories - Skype Certified


Uninstalling Skype - This manual will help you uninstall Skype, step by step with supporting screenshots


Skype's Group Video Calls - You have many friends, why not speak with all of them at the same time


Skype "To Go" - Calling Regular Phone Numbers From Your Smartphone Skype


Skype Social Integration - Skype offers great social capabilities, use them


Sometimes you simply do not have the time or need to really dive into the full Skype manual of "how to install" or "how to add a new contact".

Instead you just need to find in short answer to "how to sign into Skype" or "how to call a friend using Skype".
For those times, we have prepared for you a summarized version of the manual for the Skype user - enjoy!



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Recommended Add-ons for Skype
By Jasmin Morel
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Description Free video chats and instant messages Chats, instant messages, SMS and video calls A popular complement to former MSN messenger and now Skype Stay connected with the innovative instant messaging service from Google
Downloads 12,282 150,670 839 267,188
Price $ 0 $ 0 $ 0 $ 0
File Size 17.00 Mb 676 Kb 1.00 Mb 2.00 Mb

Astro says:
  • Successful technology and pleasant cover
  • Interfacing with various Microsoft services, Facebook and more
  • Saves chats history which is useful for restoring information
  • There are completely free competing cloud services, such as Google Hangout
  • Disconnection problems when bandwidth is insufficient

Product Details

Rating: 7 (Users12253)
Ranking in Internet Phone: 1
Recently rated on:
License: Free
File size: 33.20 Mb
Last updated: 10/3/2014
Supported Operating Systems: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows 7
Languages: English, Portuguese, Turkish, Russian, Swedish
Developer: Skype Communications SARL
Download count (English): 932,542
Download count (Worldwide): 2,309,156

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