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Skype revolutionised internet communication with its VOIP software, which allows users to make calls to other Skype accounts. It wasn’t the first to release this software, and many more software applications have been released since that can do the same thing, often with more features and better layouts, but Skype cornered the market early on and has remained there since. Due to the nature of the market, Skype’s competitors haven’t been able to get a look in. Because of the way it works, it means that for someone to be interested in using a VOIP program, their friends would need to use it as well (otherwise, who would they call?) and because Skype has the dominant share of the market, it seems inevitable that it remain as the leading VOIP program for many years to come.

Skype is available for desktop use and it is also available on smartphones and tablets. It is compatible with most Operating Systems, including Android, iOS and Windows Mobile, ensuring that even when you’re out and about you can still stay in touch with your friends through Skype IM, Voice Chat or Video Chat.

Software Review

Places regular and video calls

Skype is used all over the world, connecting new friends, old friends and long-lost family members through its Instant Messaging, Voice Chat and Video Chat programs. It is by far the most popular program of its type, and once you see its slick interface, and user-friendly design, you’ll realise why. Skype Video Calls are free, and although you need to pay a few pennies to make normal calls, these are really not needed. Skype can provide a great way for you to communicate through your computer’s microphone and/or webcam, making it ideal for business calls, family reunions or even for chatting with a potential date.


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Description Free video chats and instant messages Used for chats, instant messages, SMS and video calls A Skype expansion package An instant messenger program from Google
Downloads 23,075 488,945 2,506 533,885
Price $ 0 $ 0 $ 0 $ 0
File Size 50.70 MB 676 KB 1.00 MB 2.00 MB

Astro says:
  • User friendly design makes communication easy
  • Low cost calls to landlines, mobile
    • Subscription packages available for call discounts
  • Video chat requires high speed internet
  • Calls are frequently dropped or interrupted

Product Details

Rating: 6 (Users28730)
Ranking in Internet Phone: 1
Recently rated on:
License: Free
File size: 38.70 MB
Last updated: 28/1/2015
Supported Operating Systems: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows 7
Languages: English, Argentinean, Spanish, German, Indonesian, Italian, More...
Developer: Skype Communications SARL
Download count (English): 3,859,020
Download count (Worldwide): 7,138,100

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